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Haplogroup X

Lilith is getting upset at being left off the human “Out of Africa” genotree.

All male lineages can be traced to a supposed “Adam and Eve” that once lived in South East Africa. That is to say all Human DNA can be traced back to two single individuals with origins in Africa that has been dubbed by scientists as “Adam” and “Eve“. However, Female or mDNA is substantially older than Adam’s. Meaning it is possible for traces of Mother’s DNA to be traced back farther than Father’s. yDNA mutates at a faster rate, goes extinct or disappears at a faster rate; dying at the root rather than at the branches, so to speak, which renders various groups of humans more and more genetically distinct.

With that in mind we come back to the plight of Lillith. I refer to her as Lillith drawing upon the Ancient mythologies of the Middle East which tell of a mysterious “first wife” of Adam…. There is solid evidence that humans have evolved from two diverse groups. They were probably once a single group, however any genetic evidence that they evolved from a single group is now irretrievably lost to genetic drift. The dispersian pattern of the descendants of the two groups demonstrate widely diverse origins. The first group of  humans (Adam and Eve) can be confirmed to have originated “Out of Africa.” However, Lillith’s group [The X factor] appears to have had an Atlantic origin. And although some scientists labor intensively to “prove” an African origin based on the established pattern of Adam and Eve, the pattern of inheritance makes it difficult for such a confirmation to emerge.  The patterns of inheritance are too isolated. The dispersal pattern clearly shows haplotype X to have been a North Western Atlantic modal type.

Haplotype X1 appears to have originated prior to the great ice age in the North Western Atlantic.  From its center of origin it dispersed relatively uniformly throughout both North America and Europe, and the Levant prior to the onset of the great Ice Age.  Haplotype X2 appeared as a subtype either during the ice age and did not have time to disperse as with Haplotype X1.

Although scientists labor intensively to prove an “Out of Africa” origin… and even go so far as to suggest its origin in South East Asia (as a result of branching from Haplotype N); the ultimate origin remains a mystery with experts unable to arrive at a consensus. That Haplotype X2 appears in widely isolated pockets (North East America, and the Aegean/Black Sea Region) is likely the result of migration either overland (via river systems) or by ancient seafarers. Modern genetic studies show that a single haplotype with widely separated pockets only occurs as the result of population bottlenecks that occur as a result of migration or cataclysmic occurances and supports the pre-ice age theory of separation of a parent civilization into eastern and western groups by an ice age (20,000-10,000 years ago).  X2 demonstrates a normal dispersal pattern in North American, however the isolated pocket of X2 in the Black Sea region could only have originated as the result of a population bottleneck caused by post glacial migratory relocation by an isolated genetically distinct group of people.  Today the Haplotype X can be found primarily in the Altaic Mountains around Bashkus and Chulca, among the Druze, and among the North American Nuuchahnulth

Scientific logic then would lead us to conclude that both X1 and X2 originated prior to the Ice Age but that  haplotype X2 was divided as a result of ecological or cataclysmic events during of immediately following the ice age (8,000-4,000 BC).

In order to identify the tribes and people whose heritage displays the mysterious X factor. We need to first identify those associated with this inheritance and then analyze their histories and mythologies for  clues  with regard to their common origins. The ancient peoples with their roots in Northern Africa, the Fertile Crescent and the Black Sea were the Parthians, Greeks, Hittites, Assyrians, and Haburites. Among these tribes are those whose mDNA still carries the legacy of the X haplotype.  Embedded in the mythologies and legends of these groups are the clues and distant racial memories of this event.

1) Zoroastrian accounts of pre-ice age civilization, the ice age which destroyed it and man’s retreat into an extensive cave system to survive the event.

2) Plato’s account of the naval power of Atlantis prior to its fall and the cataclysmic events which likely contributed to the onset of the ice age. (Extensive Vulcanism)

3) Areyanic mythologies (preserved in the Gaelic) of the Fomorians

4) Ancient Greek myths regarding the Elysium Fields [Land of Light], man’s triumph over the elements (Gods vs Titans).

5) Gothic Legends of the War of Vesosis [Zeus] and Tanausis [Titans] which was a prediluvian battle that is often misidentified with the battle of Troy or other later battle.

6) Aztec myths (Originally a North American People): Life at Tamoanchan (the legendary origin of all civilizations); Worship of Atlatonan/Atlatonin) – goddess of the coast; Escape from martial law from Chicomostoc, “the place of the seven caves” [The first migration], The southward journey to Mexico [The second migration, 1035 CE]

7) Haburitic/Mesopotamian stories of Lillith and Adam

8) Egyptian records of the Tainite Kings and the Bubastis Flood.

4) The biblical account of Noah

5) Assyrian account of Gilgamesh

7) The confirmation in written record of ancient Mesopotamian trade with the mysterious land of Dilmun/Telmun whose climate required the consumption of Mesopotamian wool. The location of this land is purely speculative at this time.

There are many many more myths globally which I could cite but the bibliography is lengthy and I only want to show that the racial memory of Lilith’s homeland as well as the events contributing to its demise and subsequent migrations there from are far from being regional isolates. Suffice it to say that the genealogical and legendary records both support the appearance of X2 in the two isolated regions as the result of population bottlenecks during or shortly following the ice-age. That both haplogroups appear on both continents is consistent with the theory of a wide-spread pre-ice age Northern Hemospheric (Atlantian) civilization followed by subsequent eastern and western migrations by isolated post glacial X2 groups following a series of floods and lakeburst “events”.


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